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Caring Since 1999

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How we can help

A woman hugging a disable child

Sleep In Service

Ensuring comfort and safety for individuals needing assistance with daily tasks, promoting independence and well-being, while providing peace of mind for families

Home Nurse Making Bed

Post Operative Care

Compassionate support at home, aiding recovery with personalised healthcare, medication management, and rehabilitation assistance, ensuring a safe and comfortable recuperation.

Vacuuming Couch

Personal care

Comprehensive in-home assistance, encompassing daily personal needs and household chores, ensuring comfort, independence and a well maintained living environment for clients.

What Our Service Users Say

"I've been a client of Angels for 12 years"

I have been a client of Angels for the past 12 years, during which they have cared for my brother sister and my dad. Sadly we lost my mum five years ago and the Angels gave so much support to my sister & brother, who both have learning difficulties. 

Unfortunately my brother too passed away leaving us totally devastated and I cannot put into words the love and support that the Angels gave us all. Two years later we lost my dad who the Angels cared for 24/7 I will never forget the support they gave my sister Anne & myself.

Without the continuous care & support the Angels give I don't know what we would do. My sister now has her own flat where the Angels go in four times a day doing everything from personal hygiene to social afternoons. They help her with keeping her flat tidy and assist her with cooking. Anne is treated like a family member she has made so much progress with the Angels assistance.
Angels continue to care & support my sister and after loosing three precious family members I cannot thank Christeen & her team enough.


It goes without saying that my family highly recommend Angels as their care & support is beyond outstanding

"You cannot go wrong in entrusting this company with the care of your loved ones"

Angels by name, Angels in actions, behaviours and levels of care.

Sam, Kathy and all the team at Angels have cared for my father for the past 4 years. He is now in his final days, but I wanted to share what a great service and bunch of carers work in this local, friendly company.


My father was cared for in the morning and lunchtimes mainly and they always got in contact with me if there was ever any concern or issues I needed to be made aware of.


Such dedicated, caring and friendly people that could be relied upon 100%.


Gave a great comfort to my father, cared genuinely for him and always had his best interests at heart.


If it wasn't for Angels and all their carers, my father's quality of life for the past 4 years would not have been anywhere near as good as it has been, thanks to Angels.


You cannot go wrong in entrusting this company with the care of your loved ones when they need it, to allow for independent living for as long as possible. Thanks again everyone

"Changed our perception of care in the community"

We cannot rate Angels too highly.


Over the past 2 years they have transformed the lives of my brother and sister by the work and dedicated care they provide.

They are highly professional, work as a team and they are more than just "Carers". They are indeed truly our Angels.

Having Angels has changed our perception of care in the community.

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Angels have been providing professional quality care in West Kent and surrounding areas since 1999. We offer a  personal touch and continuity of care.

Contact our specialist care team

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